Are you a part of Discord community (If not, you may want to join us) ? Do you want to be informed and notified about the work of your miners, your balance or your hashrate? We have developed a Discord bot for you!

How does it work?

Once you joined our Discord (available here), send a direct message to the Cruxpool bot.

The bot will answer you and ask you to use the command !hello to start the conversation.

Then, it will ask you to write the command !help. This will display the list of commands.

After sending the command !help, you will receive this message from the Discord bot.

The commands?

!set : This command allows you to give to the bot the needed information to find your account and your workers. The bot will successively ask you for the currency you are mining and your wallet address. Once your account is set up, notifications will be activated.

!balance : write this command to the Discord bot to show your current balance.

!info : This command shows your number of workers and your hashrate.

!push : This command, once activated, will enable you to receive notifications about a disconnection / connection of a worker, but you’ll also get information about your payments. By default, notifications are enabled as soon as your account is set.