Welcome to this FAQ, you will find here all the answers to problems already solved and questions we frequently receive. This section is in constant evolution, if your question does not appear here we suggest that you send us a message using the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can currently mine Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Beam and Ravencoin. We will add more crypto-currencies later !

1% mining fee on Cruxpool.

We use PPS+ system. It offers all the advantages of both PPS and PPLNS.

We will be running payments every 3 hours as long as your threshold has been reached.

The Ethereum network can be congested sometimes and we don’t have a hold on this phenomenon. When it occurs, the gas price rise so the number of Gwei we pay for a transaction.

This does not affect mining operation and this does not affect your revenue. 

It will only delay the payments  in order to gain efficiency in the process. In this case, you just have to wait for the payment to be processed, which could take up to a few hours.

Once again, be assured that your balance will continue to be incremented and that does not affect how much you will be paid.

The minimum payment is :

For Ethereum – 0.01 ETH
For Ethereum Classic – 0.1 ETC
For Ravencoin – 50 RVN
For Beam – 1 BEAM

No, you don’t need an account to mine on Cruxpool, you only need a cryptocurrency wallet.

You can follow our tutorials, available here, to learn how to mine!

This is a performance rate of your server calculated on the basis of your reported and real time hashrate.

To have a reported hashrate with Ethminer, you need to add “-R” to your command line. We have made a tutorial on Ethminer available here.

No, there is no reported hashrate with Nicehash.

Your worker is named ‘0’ in the dashboard when you have not named it or when you have named it with more than 8 characters. To have a custom worker name, use a name with minus 8 characters.

If you have any questions, you can send us a message by clicking here, or send us an email at support@cruxpool.com.