How to monitor your mining with Foreman

How to monitor your mining with Foreman

In this tutorial, you will know how to set up the cryptocurrency mining monitor Foreman with your Cruxpool mining.

What is Foreman

Foreman is a cryptocurrency mining monitor which gives you an easy and understandable dashboard manager. Your monitoring will do without custom operating or closed-source binaries. The monitoring is very scalable, easy to use and set up and has plenty of detailed information about your mining.

Download the monitoring software

download Foreman

Install Foreman

Set up your monitoring environment

Add miners

When you have installed PickAxe, it is the time to add your miners. Go to PickAxe section and click on Add miner, a pop-up will be displayed.

add miner Foreman

You have to enter a worker name, choose the PickAxe, your platform / operating system, and the miner you will use. After that, you need to set the IP. If your miner is the one which has Foreman installed on, you don’t need to change the IP but if it is not the case, you need to put IP address that the miner has and a special command on your mining software.

After setting up the miner configuration, you can start your mining. Miner will be add on the Miner section where you can see a large number of data of your mining.

Edit a miner

To edit miner information, go to the Miner section and click on the top-right corner and choose Settings. In the Settings display, you can change the miner configuration and set alerts for hashrate and temperature. You have also mining options for MiningRigRentals integration.

edit Foreman


If you want to test or discover a mining monitoring tool, Foreman can be a real value for you and your mining setup.