How to open a Ravencoin wallet

Open a Ravencoin wallet

Ravencoin team has worked on an official Ravencoin wallet. This wallet allows us to store, send, receive all your Raven coins.

Download Ravencoin wallet

RVN Wallet is available to download on Ravencoin website. The wallet is available on computer platforms like Linux, macOS or Windows and smartphone platforms like iOS and Android.

Create your wallet

After downloading and installing the software. Launch it and Generate a recovery phrase and enter a recovery passphrase. This has to be kept in a safe place to prevent any securities issues. Once you made it, your Ravencoin wallet must be synchronised with the Raven network. After that, you can send, receive and use your wallet.

Use your Ravencoin wallet

RVN Wallet allows you to receive and make Ravencoin transactions. For sending Ravencoins, you have to click on Send. Then, you will have to write the receiver wallet address, choose the amount. You must add a label to add the address you put in the Ravencoin address book. After that, you need to choose the amount of transaction fees. You will have two options. Recommended, which is the default option, will give you a defined amount of fees. The other option is Personalized, which provides you with the choice of amount for the fees. If you choose this option, you must understand that lower is your amount, slower will be your transaction.

To receive Ravencoin transactions, you have to click on Receive. The process is simple. First, you may need to fill the form. You have three inputs to fill, a label, the amount you want and a simple message. This form is optional, but it can be useful when you ask a transaction or if you’re going to remind yourself what address is for what. For your mining activity, we suggest you write Cruxpool in the label section. Thanks to that, you will know that this address is for your Cruxpool mining. After that, click on Ask a payment, and the software will generate a wallet address. You can copy this wallet address thanks to a click to copy button or with the Q.R code. You will see your address in the table on Receive section or click on Folder, then Receiving address.

You have now all the information to use the official Ravencoin wallet. If you want to use a third party multi-coin wallet that can store Ravencoin, we have an Exodus and Trust Wallet tutorial.

More information about Ravencoin mining on Cruxpool here.