EMOS installation guide

What is Easy Mining OS?

EMOS or Easy Mining OS, is an operating system that allows you to easily mine different cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Zcash, Monero or Bitcoin Gold.

Why Choose Easy Mining OS?

Easy Mining OS  allows you to get the best mining experience possible. Indeed, EMOS has been designed to simplify the configuration of your machines as much as possible.

Among other things, the operating system makes it easy to configure mining tasks (Claymore, Ewbf, SGMiner-GM). In addition, Even though Easy Mining OS is a service in French, they are very helpful and will be glad to answer your questions on their decidacted discord channels. This can be helpful in understanding menus and settings, if you are not at ease with French.

What are the main features?

Easy Mining OS is a software loaded with loads of resources and has many features, such as:

– AMD / NVIDIA compatibility.

EMOS incorporates the latest AMD and NVIDIA drivers

– Template creation.

Create and save your templates and load them on your machines

Built-in RIG Manager.

Configurations on EMOS are via a user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface.

Compatibility with many miners.

EMOS is compatible with many miners like Claymore, SGminer, CCMiner or still BMiner …

– Configurations for all levels.

Whether you are beginner or expert, the configurations will meet your requirements

Dedicated RIG Center.

EMOS has a statistics display of your remote machines

Compatibility with Cruxpool.

Of course, you can mine on Cruxpool using Easy Mining OS!

How to install EMOS?

To download and install Easy Mining OS, you will need a minimum storage capacity of 8 Gb (USB key or hard disk).

Visit the RIG Center. Log in and go to the Download section where you can download EMOS. After downloading the EMOS archive, download the portable version of the software HDDRaw copy. It is a software that will allow you to duplicate a file, an image, on a hard drive or a USB key.

Unzip the EMOS .7z archive, then unzip the archive into .tar.

After that, launch HDDRaw Copy and click FILE. Select the file in .IMGC, the image, and click CONTINUE

How to install Easy Mining OS

Then, choose where you want to to host the EMOS operating system. Then click CONTINUE.

How to install Easy mining OS

Once the operation is completed, go to the file where you installed EMOS.  A cle.txt file should be there. Edit this file by adding the private key that is available in your RIG Center. Then, save and close the file.

Once it’s done, you just have to boot your storage space (USB key or hard disk) and Easy Mining OS will be installed on your RIG.

It is recommended to restart your machine after the first start. A few minutes later, you will find your machine on the RIG Center.

How to create a template on Easy mining OS?

This is the trickest part because Easy Mining is in French for the most part, but do not worry as we’ll be guiding you step by step.

To create a template, go to the RIG Center. Log in and go to the Template section where you can start your configuration. Choose the NVIDIA configuration, if your RIG has NVIDIA graphics cards, or choose the AMD configuration, if your RIG has AMD graphics cards.

Name your template and choose the miner you want to mine. You have a multitude of choices. Be careful to choose your miner in relation to the cryptocurrency you wish to mine.

Following this, a lot of information will be displayed, among others, the mining pool, the wallet address, etc … Regarding the mining pool, the address of Cruxpool is already pre-filled. While for the wallet address, you will have to add your address after -wal

Feel free to add other parameters in the corresponding section, especially to name your machine.

Finally, you can set the overclocking by adjusting the temperature data, overclock memory and clock, power and fan speed. Once your configuration is complete, click on “Appliquer”, and load the template on your machine by clicking on the first icon of the category “Gestion”.