How to setup Hive OS

Download Hive OS

To download Hive OS, you have just click through this link.

Add a new wallet on Hive OS

When you are on your farm, click on Wallet, then Add wallet.

In this pop-up, choose the coin, in this case here, Ethereum. Then, enter your wallet address and name the wallet. Tap on Create. Your wallet is saved.

Create a flight sheet on Hive OS

When you are on your farm, click on Flight sheets, and Create flight sheet.

Select the coin you want to mine, in this case, Ethereum. Then choose your saved wallet. Next, you must choose your mining pool.

To mine on Cruxpool, you must pick Cruxpool in the drop-down list. After that, choose your server location (Europe, USA, Asia or automatic geolocation).

As soon as you have chosen your mining pool, select the miner.

Select the mining software you want. If you want to add custom commands to the miner, click on Setup miner config, a pop-up will appear. Then, name your flight sheet. Once these settings are completed, you can click on Create. The configuration is saved.

Start mining with your worker

When you are on your farm, click on Workers and select your worker, an Overview page will appear. You can monitor your machine in terms of temperature, hash rate and electricity consumption.

Click on Flight Sheets, your previously configured flight sheet will be displayed. And now you just have to click on the Rocket button and start mining on Cruxpool.