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Minerbox is a tracking application for your mining. It is available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Minerbox is a complete solution to control the activity of your RIGs and follow the current price of cryptocurrencies.

Track your mining on Minerbox

Add an account

Once you have created a profile on the application, you can add an account. Go to the Account section, and press the + buttonMinerbox will propose a list of mining pools compatible with the application. Choose Cruxpool, then Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, depending on what you mine on the pool. An authentication page will appear. Put your wallet address on the first line, the second line is used to name your account. Press Status check, if the button changes to green, the information is correct, you can then press the Save account button. Your account has been added to Minerbox.

Minerbox Log
Details tab

On the Details tab, you can find a summary of the global activity of your mining on Cruxpool. You can find important information such as :


The Hashrate section will give you your Current, Average and Reported Hashrate. You can also access to a graph that will allow you to track the hashrate by mining machine.

Hashrate Minerbox

Workers will give you the number of online RIGs on your account. You will also be able to access additional information such as the number of shares and hashrate of your machines.

Workers Minerbox

The Balance section will give you access to the balance on your account.


The Shares section will give you the number of valid, invalid and stale shares that your RIGs produce. You can also access a graph that will allow you to track shares by machine.

Shares Minerbox
Payouts tab

The Payout tab is a historic of all the transactions that Cruxpool has made to you thanks to your mining. You have information such as the date of the transaction, the time since your last payment and the amount of the transaction.

Estimations tab

Estimations is a tab that will allow you to see an estimation of your mining earnings over several times. The time periods available are minute, hour, day, day, week, month and year.

Alerts tab

The Alerts tab allows you to create alerts that will notify you when a worker has disconnected, when a payment is about to be made, etc. The use of alerts is not free and you will therefore need to take out a Minerbox subscription.

Alerts Minerbox
Pool Info tab

Pool Info will give you general information about Cruxpool, such as the global hashrate of the pool, the number of miners and workers.

Pool Info Minerbox

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