Open a BEAM wallet

Open a BEAM wallet

Beam developers have worked on an easy-to-use and official Beam wallet. This wallet allows us to store, send, receive all your Beam coins.

Download Beam Privacy wallet

Beam Wallet is available to download on Beam website. The wallet is available on computer platforms like Linux, macOS or Windows and on smartphone platforms like iOS and Android.

Create your Beam wallet

After downloading and installing the software. Launch it and Create a new wallet. Then, you have to write down your recovery phrase. Be sure to write it down and keep it and do not share it. After you check your seed phrase by typing words in the correct order, you have to set up your password. That must have at least 10 characters with a minimum of one lowercase, uppercase and number. Don’t hesitate to put a very complex and unique password to prevent any securities issues and as the recovery phrase, be sure to keep in a safe place and do not share it. Finally, your Beam wallet is created and you can have access to your account.

Use your Beam wallet

Beam wallet allows you to receive and make Beam transactions. You can also see the wallet in action in taking a small number of Beams from the community faucet.

For sending Beam cryptocurrencies, you have to click on Send. Then, you will have to write the receiver wallet address, choose the amount. You can also make a transaction comment as you want. For a more personalized transaction, push on Advanced. With Advanced settings, you can change and edit the outgoing address and set up the amount of the transaction fee.

For receiving Beam transactions, click on Receive. If you want to change your auto-generated address to a saved wallet address, push on the Change button. By default, the auto-generated wallet address has an expiration date, which can be embarrassing when you receive automatic transactions from a third party like mining pool transactions. To create a non-expiration date wallet address, check the next stage.

When all is set-up, you can share your Beam wallet address with a QR code or social media sharing.

Set a non-expiration date wallet address

Beam uses a system of an expiration date wallet, in other words, a Beam wallet address is short-lived. This system is a little bit restrictive when you must receive you receive automatic transactions from a third party like mining pool when they send your mining reward. That is why you have to create a special wallet address with no expiration date on your Beam Wallet account. Click on Receive, then press on Edit address. Name your special wallet, you can also put a tag on it and most importantly, set the expiration date to Never. Save your wallet. You can find your saved mining wallet address on the Addresses section available on the left-side menu.

This non-expiration date wallet address will be the address that you have to put on the mining software when you start mining Beam.

More information about the Beam Privacy Wallet app here.