Open a MEW wallet

Create your My Ether Wallet (MEW)

To be able to transfer, receive, or stock Ether, you will need a wallet. The creation of a wallet is easy and fast. In this exemple, we will use MyEtherWallet

MEW wallet is a very popular, free and open-source online service platform. To create your wallet, head to the website and create at least a strong 9 characters password. Beware ! The password can’t be changed, so if you lose it, your account will be forever lost.

Then click on “Create New Wallet”, and “Your wallet was successfully create” will appear. Thereafter, you have to save your private key, at least in it encrypted version. To save it, click on Folder Keystore/JSON (Recommended – Encrypted – Mist/Geth format).

You can also copy the character chain which appear in the Private Key case (non-encrypted), or, click on the Folder JSON (non-encrypted). This second key will allow you to access to you ether account, without password. Beware ! In this case, keep the character chain safe.

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