Windows + NVIDIA

Recognize your graphic cards :

Windows cannot recognize more than 4 graphic cards connected to a computer. In case you have more than 4 graphics cards in your computer, you need to have them recognized. For this purpose, go to the BIOS of your computer and look for the setting that will increase the number of graphics cards detected by your system. The name of the setting is different according to the motherboard manufacturers.

Install drivers for your NVIDIA graphics card :

It is important to have the best drivers for your graphic cards, especially when you mine. Thanks to this link, you will be able to download all available driver versions, old or new. Do not hesitate to check by yourself, to find out which driver version is the most efficient for mining.

Increase the virtual memory of Windows :

To change these values, go to the Windows settings. When you are in your settings, go to the System tab then click on About.

Once you are on About, click on System Info located at the top right of your page. This will open a new window.

Click on Advanced System Settings, then on Performance Settings. A new window will open and click on Advanced. Click on Change, uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives and then tick Custom size. You will have two unlocked fields. On the initial size field, put 16,000 and on the maximum size field, put 30,000.

Disable Windows sleeping mode :

Disabling the sleeping mode is very important because it avoids your computer to sleep, or even switch off, which stops your mining activity

To change these values, go to Windows settings and then to the System tab. After that, click on Power & sleep.

Finally, set Never for all the Display and Sleep settings.

Disable Windows updates

Windows updates can cause many issues with your RIG. This is because updates are randomly deployed and sometimes incompatible with mining activity. It can stop your RIG and your mining in progress.

To disable updates, type Services in the search bar or Cortana of your Windows. Once you get to this page, look for Windows Update in the list of services. When you have it, right-click and select Properties, and then disable the Startup type.

We still advise you to do the updates manually, because they regularly fixed security vulnerabilities.

Choose your mining software

The mining software will allow you to configure your RIG. You can choose between several software programs such as Claymore, Ethminer or Phoenix Miner.

Choose your Cruxpool mining server

To mine on Cruxpool, choose a mining server according to your location

Here are the links to our servers below :

North America:

You can download Claymore by clicking here. Unzip the file and find start.bat then right click and Edit, a text file should open.

Enter the server address and your wallet address. If you are interested by adding more features, check this page which will show you all the additional settings you can add to Claymore.